At your service since 1960, PROGRESSIA has the benefit of considerable experience in all specialized areas of fiduciary management. Our client list is extensive and includes many internationally renowned companies which trade in all corners of the globe. Our fiduciary role is often crucial to the success of such international operations and it is therefore paramount, that we treat all dealings with our clients in strict confidence.

Choosing your fiduciary partner requires an evaluation of many criteria. Efficiency, professionalism and knowledge are of highest importance but so are day to day working relations with your accountants. We aim to give an all embracing service which is also friendly and flexible.

Any client enquiry or request is handled directly by one of our specialists. Each CPA, accountant, lawyer or tax expert puts the interests of their particular client first. Being an established business with experienced staff, we can also offer an independent and often refreshing view to our client’s need and can process our work in an objective but personal manner.

We render our services in all cantons of Switzerland as well as in the international market for more than 60 years and we are able to perform our mandates on a daily basis in English, German and French. As independent member of PrimeGlobal, we benefit from the experience of a large network of international experts and we are able to support you in the development of your cross-border projects.

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